Our annual reports demonstrate the many ways we are flying to save the most treasured places on our continent.

We focus our work in four Conservation Initiative areas:

  • Conserving Landscapes
  • Safeguarding Rivers & Estuaries
  • Protecting Oceans & Coastlines
  • Ensuring Species Survival

2023 Annual Report

Conservation at the speed of LightHawk

This year’s guiding theme, “Conservation at the Speed of LightHawk,” highlights the urgency with which LightHawk is tackling the vast environmental challenges facing our planet. But we recognize that we cannot do this important work alone.

Your gifts, no matter the size, accelerate LightHawk’s conservation success and shine a light on the path to a better future for us all. Every dollar donated, every flight hour contributed, and every partnership forged is instrumental in revealing new insights and driving positive change.

LightHawk embarks on a mission to capture more than just images – we aim to document a story of change that the world needs to see. By taking to the skies for conservation, we raise awareness, inspire conversations, motivate informed decisions, and compel people to action in the fight to preserve our planet’s natural resources.

We invite you to stand with us in safeguarding our precious landscapes, watersheds, and wildlife for future generations. Together, we amplify our impact and make a lasting difference in safeguarding the natural world we need and cherish.

Please visit LightHawk.org or scan the QR Code below to make a gift and harness the power of collective action at the speed of LightHawk.

Let’s turn our shared dreams of a better world into a reality!

Past Annual Reports

*Please note in 2019 we changed our Annual Report naming convention to recognize the year in which our Fiscal Year ends.

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