LightHawk’s primary focus is on five conservation areas, Wild Places (landscapes), wildlife, oceans & coastlines, watersheds, and climate change. To do this, we collaborate with conservation partners throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. These partners are the “boots on the ground” for projects and experts on the local level.

LightHawk volunteer pilots donate flights that accelerate the pace of projects, making success arrive sooner and allowing our partners to expand their reach.

Our staff of conservation experts bring decades of experience to the table and are able to guide our partners in the best uses of aerial assets to maximize their benefit. Our partners often comment that they would not be able to complete a project without the assistance LightHawk flights provide.

Along with our partners, we’re saving the Earth, one flight at a time.

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Let’s act now to protect what truly matters, for our world, our children, and the legacy we leave behind.
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