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LightHawk is the leading conservation flying organization in the United States. Our flights help preserve land, water and wildlife for future generations. We are supported 100% by people just like you. During this season of giving, give the gift of flight to organizations by supporting our work.

Your gift fuels projects across the country and accelerates conservation outcomes. Our partners are able to accomplish more, in less time thanks to the gift of flight provided by our volunteer pilot community and funded by our supporters. LightHawk makes conservation fly.

Shorebird survey flights

LightHawk volunteer pilots flew a series of missions to help Audubon conduct shore bird surveys in the Colorado River Delta.

Partnering with the leading conservation groups across North America, we design flight campaigns that protect the quality of life of people, animals and all living things.

Once aviation is integrated into a plan, we turn to our corps of 300 pilot donors who make aviation affordable by donating every aspect of flight.

We show conservationists and researchers how flight can augment their work, a concept that many have not considered.

From wolf and red panda transports, to condor tracking and transports, to monitoring wild salmon, we help our nation’s most endangered animals survive.

We fly elected officials, conservation funders, print and visual media, conservation staff and board members to reveal the truth of the environment below.


What we do

We are conservation scientists working with the leading environmental groups on the continent, showing them how aviation can augment their work, in perhaps unexpected ways, and creating flight campaigns that achieve significant conservation outcomes.

Apply for a flight

LightHawk will partner with you to see the world in ways that help you create
conservation changes that protect water, wildlife, and our way of life.

LightHawk will partner with you to see the world in ways that help you create conservation changes that protect water, wildlife, and our way of life.

Become a LightHawk Pilot

LightHawk invites pilots with 1000 hours as PIC to share your plane,
and reveal the earth in ways that inspire conservation action.


Conservation Missions

Conservation Partners

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Volunteer Pilots


Is your organization ready to fly with us?

Are you a pilot ready to make a difference?

Will you help protect our planet?


December 2022 Conservation FLYer

December 2022 Conservation FLYer

Catch up on the latest LightHawk news December 2022   Featured mission: Red wolves travel across the country (L-R): LightHawk Flight Coordinator Nell Jordan, volunteer pilot Thomas Haas, Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center’s wolf handler Taylor...

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October 2022 Conservation Flyer

October 2022 Conservation Flyer

Catch up on the latest LightHawk news October 2022 Featured mission: Surveying Hurricane Ian impacts in the Everglades An aerial survey of the Everglades after Hurricane Ian revealed the mangroves in the Ten Thousand Islands area were practically unscathed.. Photo by...

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