Exploring LightHawk’s conservation projects

Throughout North America, LightHawk collaborates closely with partners on a wide range of projects aimed at safeguarding vital ecosystems. From safeguarding the Colorado River to restoring the Everglades and saving salmon, our work covers diverse regions and habitats.

Leveraging our unique aerial capabilities, LightHawk makes a substantial impact on conservation issues across the continent. Through partnerships, innovative approaches, and unwavering environmental stewardship, LightHawk plays a crucial role in advancing conservation initiatives for some of the nation’s most critical places and wildlife.

Safeguarding the Colorado River

LightHawk works to preserve the health of the Colorado River, vital to the livelihood of millions of people across seven U.S. states and two states in Mexico.

Colorado River

Preserving the Everglades

LightHawk monitors threats to the Everglades, aiding conservation with its aerial perspective, vital for addressing habitat loss and environmental challenges.

Protecting the Mississippi River

LightHawk flies to highlight issues facing the Mississippi River by monitoring water quality and ecosystem health with aerial expertise.

Colorado River

Aiding California condor recovery

LightHawk aids California Condor Recovery, transporting birds and tracking their movements to establish self-sustaining populations.

Fostering the recovery of Mexican Wolves

LightHawk aids Mexican Wolf Recovery, swiftly transporting pups for cross-fostering to bolster the endangered population, ensuring their survival.

Colorado River
Colorado River

Saving salmon

LightHawk flies to safeguard salmon populations, crucial keystone species in the North Pacific environment and integral to entire ecosystems.

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