The Mississippi River, often called the lifeblood of America, holds a profound significance in freshwater ecosystems. As the nation’s second-longest river, it sustains millions of people, supports jobs, and facilitates the nation’s commerce and food supply chain.

The Mississippi River also serves as a biodiversity hotspot, hosting 325 bird species and providing critical habitat in its wetlands.

LightHawk is actively flying to address pressing issues facing this iconic waterway, including concerns related to water quality, ecosystem health, and sustainable water management. Leveraging our aerial expertise, we play a pivotal role in monitoring and documenting the state of the Mississippi River and its surrounding habitats.

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Join Our Efforts to Preserve the Majesty of the Mississippi

LightHawk's aerial efforts support conservation on the ground by raising awareness and documenting critical issues. The Mississippi River isn't just a body of water—it's a lifeline for millions and a haven for biodiversity. LightHawk is actively flying to address urgent challenges threatening this iconic waterway. Act with us to safeguard its health and surrounding habitats. Together, we can make a difference.
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