LightHawk provides opportunities for 1000 hour-PIC qualified pilots to give back, all while experiencing a different kind of flying.

LightHawk flies for conservation across the U.S., southern Canada, Mexico, and Central America. To check out some of our work in your area, please visit our Project Map. We seek new volunteer pilots with access to aircraft in all of our current areas of activity.

Flights may range from tracking jaguars in the jungles of Guatemala or salmon in Washington State, to helping scientists count sharks and rays off the coast of Florida and transporting endangered animals to new homes. Pilots oftentimes help local conservation groups expose media and decision-makers to the big picture view of the earth through their flights.

LightHawk flights serve many purposes so we have the need for a variety of planes from single-engine 1-to-4 seaters for photography and aerial tours, to turboprops and jets for wildlife transport.  

“Working with LightHawk and their partners has enriched my flying experience ten fold and is very addictive. The more I fly, the more I want to fly for causes and issues that I believe strongly about."
Bill Rush, volunteer pilot (Boulder Creek, CA)

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