Flight Towards Sustainability: A Visionary Commitment

Addressing our planet’s biggest issues demands a broader, forward-looking perspective and a strong commitment. As a Conservation Visionary, your monthly gift empowers LightHawk to take flight and confront nature’s most pressing challenges head on. From biodiversity loss to climate change, your steadfast support propels us into action to protect our natural world – today and tomorrow.

Join Our Monthly Giving Community and Dive into Conservation: Explore Your Impact, Track Missions, and Be a Conservation Visionary!

For over forty years, LightHawk has soared to protect our planet, preserving vital landscapes, saving endangered species, and safeguarding our watersheds. Your partnership has been instrumental in every conservation flight. Are you ready to elevate your commitment?


Join a Community of Changemakers

By becoming a Visionary through monthly giving, you become part of a vibrant community of passionate stewards dedicated to conserving our planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems. Your consistent support fuels LightHawk’s essential conservation efforts, amplifying vital initiatives using our aerial perspective.

Create a Lasting Impact

Even a modest monthly donation can make a significant difference. Your ongoing contribution empowers LightHawk to collaborate with conservation partners in planning and executing innovative flight campaigns. Together, we amplify and accelerate conservation efforts on a broader scale.

Why Monthly Giving Matters

Monthly donations offer a convenient and effective way to support conservation efforts. They enable us to plan and execute long-term projects efficiently, ensuring a sustained impact on environmental preservation. Every dollar you contribute directly supports efforts to safeguard endangered species, preserve precious habitats, and promote informed action.

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