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photo courtesy of John P. Kennedy.

Flights Show the Way for Jaguars The thin wire strands surrounding the cattle paddock would not keep out the hungry jaguar. As its ribs protruded against a once magnificent dappled coat, the mangy cat sized up the herd... »

Michael and Kimberly Baum.

On a cold and windy February day, Volunteer Pilot Michael Baum and his daughter Kimberly embarked on a cross-country journey from their home in Los Altos, CA. The mission, which was donated through LightHawk, enabled the... »

Whooping cranes with nest.

Stiff Headwinds They almost didn't make it. In 1941, after widespread draining of their wetland habitat and hunting cranes for food, feathers and sport, only 21 whooping cranes (Grus americana) remained. And these birds... »