Our Conservation Work

LightHawk creates change for our environment by crafting effective conservation flight campaigns with measurable outcomes that benefit nature.

Conservation Initiatives

Conservation initiatives are the four areas where all of LightHawk’s conservation staff are focused. Our staff of conservation scientists use their expertise to maximize every flight’s intended conservation out comes.

Wildlife Survival

Oceans, Coastlines & Estuaries


Rivers and Wetlands

Sorted within these initiatives our work is organized into either Flagship Projects, Strategic Projects, or Flights of Opportunity.

Flagship Projects

Flagship Projects are large-scale, multi-year initiatives in which we work with many partners towards long-erm and large-scale goals. These projects result in hundreds of flights over several years and address the biggest conservation issues of our age.

Strategic Projects

Strategic Projects are conservation efforts that are more focused in area and scope than our major Flagship Projects. Meant to be short-term engagements, they reach conservation outcomes sooner, involve fewer partners, but still require expert planning and a series of flights.

Flights of Opportunity

Flights of Opportunity are one-time flight requests outside of an established Strategic or Flagship project, often testing a new idea, working with a new partner, or beginning work in a new area. These flights broaden our focus and impact, and still produce significant results.

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