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On land, only the cheetah is faster than the pronghorn. Mexican pronghorn are facing extinction, but LightHawk is helping with a plan to save these swift animals. image: Joe Riis Photography.

In the arid grasslands of the state of Chihuahua, Mexican pronghorn are in trouble: barely 500 remain. Two doctoral students with Instituto de Ecología are urgently working to try and save one of Mexico’s most endangered... »

Ian Dowdy of the Sonoran Institute sharing an aerial view of public land in western Maricopa County that's valuable habit and maintains a buffer zone for the Barry M. Goldwater Range. image: Will Stone/KJZZ with aerial support from LightHawk

Turns out, it’s a good thing for nature to have the military close by. That’s what LightHawk partner Sonoran Institute discovered after examining the places where military facilities were tucked against public land. [ REPORT... »

This '56 C182 was my first civilian aircraft and I flew it for LightHawk until upgrading to a prettier C182.

Reflections from LightHawk’s new executive director, Terri Watson. While returning to LightHawk feels like coming home, I realize I never truly left. When I became a volunteer pilot for LightHawk in 1997, it merged my... »