2020 Carpenter Award

Will Worthington

The Carpenter Award goes to the LightHawk pilot who flew the most hours during the past year volunteering for LightHawk.

Despite unprecedented challenges, LightHawk volunteer pilot Will Worthington donated 62 hours of flying for environmental conservation with LightHawk in the past year. After 16 years of flying with LightHawk, Will remains up for new adventures. His flights ranged from finding missing CA condors in the wild to flying scientists, elected officials and journalists on educational tours over the Salton Sea. He successfully completed missions in Arizona, California, Utah, and Texas. Will also remains a dedicated pilot flying to support our work in Mexico and mentor to volunteer pilots who are new to flying with LightHawk in Mexico.

Thank you LightHawk Volunteer Pilot, Board member, and Volunteer Pilot Mentor Will Worthington!

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