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The Colorado River is LightHawk's newest strategic initiative. We're dedicated to ensuring this mighty, yet endangered river can support the 16 million jobs and $1.4 trillion in annual economic activity it generates despite increasing demands.

"Where will the next bucket of water come from?" Summer Waters couldn’t stop thinking about it. As she boarded a LightHawk flight over Colorado’s Front Range, the fact that the Colorado River is the most endangered river in... »

Please welcome our new volunteer pilots to the LightHawk family. In 2015, our network of pilots flew more than 400 missions, getting 1,634 eyes in the sky over 99 projects with 129 partnerships. Chris Keithley Hometown:... »

By Ryan Boggs Chief Program Officer A formal and structured business plan to save the world. That’s what I realized was really taking shape after being immersed for six days at the International Union for Conservation of... »