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Wyoming wind sock in front of the National Weather Service building in Cheyenne, WY. photo: Tom Dietrich

Wyoming has world-class wind; just ask any pilot who has tried to plan a flight there. LightHawk volunteer pilot Mike Conway had to reschedule a flight with conservation photographer Dave Showalter for a week because of high... »

Inside the Great Bear Rainforest the white Kermode bear (Ursus americanus kermodei) thrives. Photo: Ian McAllister/iLCP

After the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements were implemented in March 2009, many thought the remote British Columbia coastline would be safe from clear-cutting. This type of destructive logging endangered ancient trees and... »

During LightHawk’s spring 2011 Mesoamerica flight season, donated missions over Costa Rica’s northern Caribbean coast carried on a tradition going back 60 years. The flights to protect important sea turtle habitat were just... »