Your Giving Creates Conservation Change

Floods Ravage the Land


ISSUE: Record flooding destroyed farms and towns this spring as well as key energy infrastructure, threatening drinking water supplies.

HOW LIGHTHAWK HELPS: We responded quickly to document the destruction and built public awareness.

WHAT’S NEXT: LightHawk photos will be used by American Rivers and Waterkeeper Alliance to influence river management and inspire people to restore natural river systems

A coal-fired power plant in Oklahoma succumbs to floodwaters, polluting the river and cutting off power to homes. J Pat Carter

Matchmaking Made Mexican Wolf Puppies!


ISSUE: Mexican wolves are top predators. They are at risk of extinction without captive breeding programs.

HOW LIGHTHAWK HELPS: We deliver Mexican wolves to breeding centers to ensure their survival and a healthy gene pool.

WHAT’S NEXT: We’ll continue to partner with species recovery organizations to restore a wild population of at least 320 Mexican wolves.

Mexican wolves are top predators and keep deer populations at healthy levels. Six pups were born this spring to wolves transported by LightHawk. Chicago Zoological Society

Yes, that Rotten Egg Marsh Matters


ISSUE: Coastal marshes protect cities from hurricane damage and act as sealife nurseries. They are disintegrating into the sea.

HOW LIGHTHAWK HELPS: Our partnerships with researchers will help create permanent protection for an important marsh laboratory on the Maine coast.

WHAT’S NEXT: Safeguard the ‘lobster nursery’ marshes that support a world renowned industry and way of life in Maine, and protect coastal communities from storm damage.

Sprague Marsh on the coast of Maine. Part of Bates College’s outdoor laboratory, this marsh research hotspot tells scientists how these critical areas respond to climate change, rising sea level and fertilizer pollution. The flight also gave context to how rapidly marshes are changing, in a way you can’t see from the ground. Laura Sewall

Dam We’re Doing Good!


ISSUE: Hydropower dams on rivers can hurt water quality and block fish from traveling upstream to lay eggs.

HOW LIGHTHAWK HELPS: We change hearts and minds to support dam removal across the nation. We also work with partners to monitor how waters and lands change after dams are removed.

WHAT’S NEXT: We are creating change on both coasts to remove harmful dams, improve water quality and support fish populations.

The Columbia Dam on New Jersey’s Paulinskill River before and after dam removal. We helped sway public opinion by flying journalists. This spring, shad fish were able to move upstream for the first time in 100 years! TNC NJ

We can’t pursue our important conservation work without funding. Please consider making a gift to LightHawk.

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