50 in 50 Challenge

LightHawk's inaugural 50 in 50 Challenge will be taking place from June 15 to August 3, 2024.

This groundbreaking initiative will see us conduct 50 conservation flights in 50 days, covering diverse ecosystems and addressing urgent conservation issues across the country. If you would like to be part of this exciting challenge, click the link below or sign up to fly one of the missions during the initiative.

Mission of the Month: Reintroducing bobwhite quail to Pennsylvania

Photo by Alex Jackson

In March of this year, LightHawk volunteer pilot Benjamin Cohen and his son Casey loaded several crates of masked bobwhite quail into his Beechcraft Bonanza. He then flew them from Florida to their new home in Pennsylvania. There, Pennsylvania Game Commission officials ferried them to their release location.

This flight is part of a project to reestablish Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) to the state of Pennsylvania. The species is native to Pennsylvania and was listed as a species of greatest conservation need (SGCN) until they were determined to be no longer within the state. It is a high priority of the state wildlife agency (Pennsylvania Game Commission, PGC) to reestablish this species. LightHawk will be working with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to continue transporting quail as part of this reintroduction plan.

Photo of the Month

Photo by Eric Lee

Photographer Eric Lee captured this photo on a flight in support of St. Louis NPR reporting about environmental issues along the Mississippi and Missouri River basins. They expect to use the photos collected on this flight to enhance their reporting on issues including climate change, drought/flooding, agriculture, energy production, waste treatment and conservation.

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