Dear Friends,

At LightHawk, we envision helping shape a world where ecosystems are thriving, natural resources are abundant, the human communities that depend on them are healthy, and all people feel hopeful about the future for themselves and their children. Racism and violence threaten this future. Recent events across our country are a reminder that there is much work to be done. We recognize that we must speak up and do our part to make change and justice a reality.

We stand with those who seek to change the system of racism and injustice.

We commit to reviewing our policies and programs to support the change we seek.

We commit to learning about what roles we can play to end racial injustice.

We look forward to feedback from our colleagues and others on how we can do better.

And we stand in solidarity with our friends, neighbors, colleagues and partners of color in pursuit of justice and equity.


Join us. There is room for everyone.

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