2020 President’s Award

Wayne McClelland

The President’s Award goes to a pilot that embodies the true spirit of volunteerism, demonstrating their dedication not only to LightHawk’s mission but to other organizations as well.

Last year Wayne flew over 30 hours for LightHawk. He flew coastal surveys over marine protected areas along the Southern California coast, and helped a journalist get a clear-eyed perspective of the environmental challenges affecting communities around the Salton Sea. Many of these hours were spent transporting two California condors: a juvenile for release to the wild in central California, and a 2nd to meet a new potential mate at the LA Zoo.

Wayne also spends his time flying for Flying Doctors carrying medical teams into small communities in Mexico, Angel Flight, as well as Pilots N Paws. We are so grateful that Wayne chooses to fly for LightHawk.

Congratulations and thank you to Wayne for your support and dedication to these causes.

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