LightHawk works with leading conservation organizations across the country. Our flights allow them to reach their goals faster and with fewer resources. Our staff of conservation experts work with each partner to ensure each flight is planned to ensure maximum results.

LightHawk also collaborates with a wide range of media outlets to tell the story of conservation and its importance. We regularly fly photographers, photojournalists and videographers over conservation projects and environmental concerns.

Our flights are conducted for several reasons, some of which include: Endangered species transports, research, hearts and minds flights with government and agency officials, and flights with partner donors to view how their investment can make a difference in conservation.

If you are interested in becoming a collaborative partner, please reach out and our program managers will discuss possibilities of bringing the aerial perspective to your work.

This flight was incredibly useful for the condor program on three different accounts. Firstly, we were able to confirm two condors were still alive that had not been detected in several weeks. Secondly, we were able to save considerable staff time and ground-search efforts for a unit that did not seem to be transmitting a signal detectable at typical search distances. Finally, we were able to locate a potential nest site that had not been accessible due to road and infrastructure damage after the recent rains.

Nadya Seal

Santa Barbara Zoo

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