Make an Impact for Nature

You can make a significant impact for nature by naming LightHawk as a beneficiary in your retirement plan, such as an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b). This process is straightforward: contact your plan administrator, request a beneficiary form, fill it out, and return it. By designating LightHawk as a beneficiary, your assets will not be taxed in your estate. While a 401(k) may require an additional step, after your passing, LightHawk will receive the remainder of your plan tax-free alongside any other named heirs.

Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Ask your bank or plan administrator for a beneficiary form. This document determines the distribution of the assets upon your passing, not your will.
  2. Name LightHawk as beneficiary or partial beneficiary including our business address: PO Box 2751, Grand Junction, CO 81502, Tax ID: 84-0852104.
  3. Send the beneficiary form to your plan administrator. Please provide us with a copy, including as much account detail as you’re comfortable with, to ensure accurate identification and proper receipt of your gift.
  4. Unless specified otherwise, your contribution will be utilized to support conservation efforts across the country.
  5. Typically naming a beneficiary in this way does not require drafting or amending a will or trust.


  • Tax advantages: Naming a charity like LightHawk as a beneficiary of retirement plans, except for Roth IRAs, eliminates income and estate taxes on distributions.
  • Preservation of assets: By designating LightHawk as a beneficiary, the full value of the retirement plan distribution can be utilized as a gift, ensuring maximum impact for nature.
  • Flexibility in withdrawals: Even after naming LightHawk as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, you can continue taking withdrawals during your lifetime as needed, ensuring financial flexibility while still supporting the organization’s mission.
  • Estate planning benefits: Contributions to LightHawk through retirement plan distributions can simplify estate planning processes and potentially reduce tax burdens for heirs.
  • Support future conservation efforts: By directing retirement assets to LightHawk, you can support the organization’s mission and make a lasting impact on conservation efforts.

To learn more about how to include LightHawk in your estate plans, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 970-797-9355 extension 12 with questions. Join us in leaving a lasting legacy of conservation and protection for our planet’s future.

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