Strategic Projects are conservation efforts that are more focused in area and scope than our major Flagship Projects. Meant to be short term engagements, they reach conservation outcomes sooner, involve fewer partners, but still require expert planning and a series of flights.

Some of our strategic projects include:

  • Documenting King Tides & Sea Level Rise
  • Safeguarding the Great Lakes
  • Fracking Impacts
  • Monitoring Land Trust Easements
  • Rallying Protection for the Clearwater River Basin
  • Mexican Wolf Transport
  • Protecting Sage Grouse
  • Monitoring Rivers Across the Continent with Waterkeeper Groups
  • Restoring the Great Salt Lake
  • Restore America’s Estuaries Summits
  • Air Ambulance for Injured Hawks and Eagles
  • Clearing the Way for Whales
  • Protecting the Heart of the Rockies
  • Fundraising for Crested Butte’s Protection
  • Checking Mines in Yukon Territory
  • Keeping Long Island Bay Healthy
  • Post-Fire Response in Los Padres National Forest
  • Monitoring Montana Wildlands
  • Protecting the Lower Purgatoire Prairie
  • Long Term Surveys for Birds on Mono Lake
  • Making the Land & Water Conservation Fund Permanent
  • Ensuring Healthy Landscapes for New England
  • National Monuments and Wilderness Designations in NM
  • Securing the Appalachian Mountain Corridor
  • Monitoring Shoreline Habitat
  • Monitoring Ice & Waterfowl in Yukon
  • Conserving Mexican Pronghorn
  • Tracking Woodpeckers After Fire

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