a lifeline for endangered species

With a focus on endangered species recovery and wildlife monitoring, LightHawk plays a vital role in protecting North America’s most critically endangered wildlife.

Our aerial support is instrumental in preserving biodiversity and facilitating species recovery through strategic flights aimed at:

Endangered Species Recovery

LightHawk collaborates with organizations such as US Fish & Wildlife Service, the American Zoological Association, wildlife biologists, and other conservation groups to transport endangered species for repopulation, genetic diversity, and reintroduction into their natural habitats. Our custom flights play a crucial role in the success of recovery programs for species including California Condors, Red Wolves, Mexican Wolves, Whooping Cranes, Black-footed Ferrets, and White Abalone.

Wildlife Monitoring and Telemetry

LightHawk conducts aerial surveys and telemetry flights to track and monitor endangered species and wild populations, including California Condors, Pronghorn, Red Knots and other shorebirds, orcas, and manatees.

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