Nurturing nature’s waterways

From water quality monitoring to habitat restoration, LightHawk is committed to safeguarding rivers and wetlands, ensuring they remain vibrant and healthy ecosystems.

By working with various conservation partners to protect these vital ecosystems, our specialized flights provide critical support for:

    • Water Quality Monitoring: Assessing water conditions to detect pollution and ensure healthy aquatic ecosystems.
    • Habitat Restoration: Assisting in the evaluation and restoration of wetland and river habitats to support biodiversity.
    • Wildlife Surveys: Monitoring populations of key species to inform conservation strategies and actions.
    • Flood and Erosion Assessment: Evaluating flood and erosion impacts to guide mitigation and restoration efforts.
    • Public Awareness and Education: Using aerial data and imagery to raise awareness about the importance of preserving rivers and wetlands.
    • Collaboration with Stakeholders: Partnering with government agencies, non-profits, and local communities to enhance conservation efforts.

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