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$4 Million for Sustainable Forests

June 5, 2015
Mt. Rainer looms in the background of Puget Sound. image: TPL/LightHawk

More great news from the flight line!

We learned $4 million will go towards conserving sustainable forests in Puget Sound. Aerial images from a LightHawk flight promoted informed decision-making in potential funders by demonstrating the full context and scale of the property.

This grant empowers The Trust for Public Land Seattle to conserve 10,000 acres of working forests in Puget Sound. By actively managing the forest for sustainable timber, it can provide both jobs for local people, and natural habitat for a myriad of native species.

Aerial images of sustainable forestry lands promoted funding to conserve this landscape which provides jobs for the community and preserves habitat for nature. image:TPL/LightHawk

As TPL put it, "In addition to forestry, the Hama Hama river estuary is used for aquaculture, taking full advantage of the abundance of clear water. Hama Hama also shelters a Girl Scout campsite which has been in use for decades, and that we hope will continue to give young women a taste of, and love for the outdoors that they can pass on to their daughters.

Adults too roam these lands for sheer pleasure, and we hope to use this photography to show that there are wonderful opportunities to immerse oneself in nature very close to the state's great cities.

Google maps can show where, but don't convey the real wild beauty of land relatively close to people."