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Named "LightHawk" by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo after the flight to bring her to the Colorado Springs facility, this female Mexican wolf was introduced to her new mate "Leopold" on February 9, 2016. image: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

A female wolf was transported via a LightHawk donated flight to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo just in time for the once-a-year Mexican gray wolf breeding season. She will be paired with the Zoo’s male wolf, Leopold, in an effort to... »

VP Will Worthington (center) briefs passengers prior to a LightHawk donated flight over Baja California March 2013.image: Ralph Lee Hopkins/iLCP/LightHawk

*UPDATE* Three selections for the 2016 Wild and Scenic Film Festival feature aerial footage, thanks to our volunteer pilots and generous supporters. “ Flying Doors Off Over Baja California ” features our own Will Worthington... »

On land, only the cheetah is faster than the pronghorn. Mexican pronghorn are facing extinction, but LightHawk is helping with a plan to save these swift animals. image: Joe Riis Photography.

In the arid grasslands of the state of Chihuahua, Mexican pronghorn are in trouble: barely 500 remain. Two doctoral students with Instituto de Ecología are urgently working to try and save one of Mexico’s most endangered... »