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California desert tortoise. photo: Freya Reder

How could a fast, light metal bird help the slow, octogenarian desert tortoise of California's Mojave Desert get ahead? Read on to see how the story unfolds. The desert tortoise ( Gopherus agassizii ), the state reptile of... »

Zeke's release. photo: Tom Buckley, USFWS

Our Seven Best from 2011 It's been a rollercoaster year for conservation and some say we'd have to be nuts to stay on for the ride. But for those of us who rode it out through the lows, we present some high points that make... »

photo of Kathy Phillips, the Assateague Coastkeeper as "Mrs. Clean"

LightHawk volunteer pilots must navigate unforgiving airspace over the nation's largest estuary, Chesapeake Bay, where no nonsense F15 fighter jets corral errant aircraft. Why do our pilots volunteer to fly in this... »