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Publish or Perish for the Goshute Tribe Cedar trees mark the site of the Swamp Cedars Massacre, which killed 300 of Rupert Steele's ancestors in the late 1880s. The Goshute tribal elder is concerned that pulling groundwater... »

As a pilot for 25 years, LightHawk's executive director Rudy Engholm has seen some incredible things from the air. But nothing could prepare him for what he saw when he embarked on a four-day, 5100-mile journey across North... »

 Two of 112 round wind turbine pads and access roads under construction in the desert east of San Diego. photo: Phillip Colla with aerial support from LightHawk

Is "Green" Always Good? Embracing renewable energy is important, but without careful attention to siting, valuable natural and cultural resources bear the brunt of development. In the wild desert near California's Anza-... »