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Sonoran Institute's Seth Cothrun and Francisco Zamora gave New Belgium’s Director of Sustainability Jenn Vervier a comprehensive overview of the Colorado River Delta restoration effort to help inform NB's philanthropic strategy towards the project. image: Greg Bedinger/LightHawk

LightHawk's longterm partner Sonoran Institute had been successful in raising support for restoring parts of the Colorado River Delta. These efforts culminated in a historic release of water to jumpstart life in the arid... »

Part of California's newest national monument Berryessa-Snow Mountain. image: Pam Flick/LightHawk

We are pleased to learn of a great outcome in California - a new National Monument! Many times over a five-year span, LightHawk flew for our conservation partner Tuleyome in their campaign to protect the Berryessa Snow... »

Carefully planned and executed flight campaigns are a powerful resource to help our partners reach their conservation goals. Here are six examples of how our partners have utilized LightHawk flights to promote informed... »