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Volunteer pilot aircraft ready for a mission with SkyTruth. image: David Manthos/SkyTruth/LightHawk

For more than 35 years, LightHawk has helped accelerate conservation success for its partners. Here are six ways LightHawk flights have enabled groups to foster dialogue and build consensus to support their conservation... »

Sonoran Institute's Seth Cothrun and Francisco Zamora gave New Belgium’s Director of Sustainability Jenn Vervier a comprehensive overview of the Colorado River Delta restoration effort to help inform NB's philanthropic strategy towards the project. image: Greg Bedinger/LightHawk

LightHawk's longterm partner Sonoran Institute had been successful in raising support for restoring parts of the Colorado River Delta. These efforts culminated in a historic release of water to jumpstart life in the arid... »

Part of California's newest national monument Berryessa-Snow Mountain. image: Pam Flick/LightHawk

We are pleased to learn of a great outcome in California - a new National Monument! Many times over a five-year span, LightHawk flew for our conservation partner Tuleyome in their campaign to protect the Berryessa Snow... »