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The red knot is an extraordinary flier. In the course of its life, it may migrate farther than the distance to the moon. But it cannot out-fly the threats along its path. The red knot and similar shorebirds are showing the... »

In addition to raising awareness about the effects of climate change, king tide flights provide a window into the future for land managers to see what the “new normal” for wetlands in their charge may look like with sea level rise. Photo: Robert Siegel / San Francisco Baykeeper / LightHawk

Seeing is believing. It’s hard to show people the potential of how climate change will impact their daily lives. But for the millions who make their home and livelihood on our nation’s shores, the world’s largest... »

New England Forestry Foundation staff said the aerial perspective was “incredibly valuable” to put the conservation project in perspective with the larger landscape. Photo: Jonathan Milne / LightHawk

The future is in the forests. Forests are critical to our health and wellbeing. But forest cover across New England steadily declines each day as development and unsustainable forestry practices take a bite. More than 100,... »