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Wild Horses

Carol Walker

Ever wonder where the wild horses and burros live? Pilot and GoPro hero Ney Grant show you in this gorgeous, sweeping aerial video.

You may want to view this full-screen.

As Ney explains:

I did this flight over the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area for LightHawk ( and wildlife scientists and experts Craig Downer, Jesica Johnston and Cate Scott. The purpose of the flight was to assess a recent burn area, and to observe and estimate the number of wild animals. We didn't fly over 100% of the range, but they will look at our flight map, number of observations and density of animals (scarce food and water keeps the density low and constant) and make estimates of the number.

I apologize for the length at over 5 minutes, but it is such a powerful version of that song I couldn't get myself to cut it down.

The wide angle of the GoPro on the wing makes the horses on the ground very small. But if you want to see some, look carefully at 4:59 in the video on the right hand side. I even drew a circle for a few frames.