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Rockies to Reef Expedition

Executive Director John Pryor joined LightHawk one year ago. The Rockies to Reef Expedition is a journey that will deepen his understanding of LightHawk’s work in Mexico and Central America. It also allows him to personally get to know our partners and donors. He will depart in his Cirrus SR22 from Telluride bound for Merida, Mexico before heading on to Belize and Guatemala. This journey from the Rockies to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in his own aircraft will be a first for him.
35% of LightHawk's work each year happens in Central America and Mexico, it is an incredibly important focal area for us. John will be joined by Armando Ubeda, who manages LightHawk's program in Mexico and Central America. When they visit Belize, they will explore a brand new collaborative effort among regional partners which is allowing scientists to conduct aerial surveys of the critically endangered Antillean manatee throughout the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. In Guatemala, they will meet with partners with whom we've worked for 15 years to protect the incredibly biodiverse Maya Mountains, a lush and largely inaccessible landscape.
Stay tuned, we will share their experiences along the way with video dispatches, photographs and reports from the field.
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