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Protecting Threatened Landscapes Forever

Dawn arrives upon the newly protected Boulder-White Clouds wilderness. Photo: Alexandria Bombach/Red Reel Video

It was daybreak and Dani Mazzotta climbed aboard.

Her LightHawk pilot that day, Michael Schaffer, lifted her gradually until the signs of humanity — roads, houses, power lines — began to disappear. Ahead were the Boulder-White Cloud Mountains in central Idaho, one of the largest intact roadless areas in the country lacking permanent protection.

Her role with the Idaho Conservation League is to safeguard central Idaho’s clean water, clean air and public land, and she was on a mission to have this landscape protected forever.

“LightHawk was an incredible partner during the effort to protect the Boulder-White Clouds,” Dani said. “They helped us capture stunning aerial footage of this irreplaceable area, which allowed us to raise awareness and generate support. LightHawk also gave our elected leaders the view from above, which led to an act of congress protecting this incredible wilderness.” Photo: Alexandria Bombach/Red Reel Video“The aerial perspective gives me a feeling of empowerment and possibility,” Dani said.

Free of the shackles of gravity, clear of man-made obstructions, Dani saw the sun blanketing a landscape unmarred by arbitrary map lines. Before her was the natural interconnectedness and this untouched wilderness, exposing its vulnerability. While she felt small surrounded by such greatness, her role in and duty to this land swelled.

Thousands who climb aboard our pilots’ planes each year share that sentiment. It is the fundamental reason we exist. The most common answer when we ask our supporters why they support LightHawk is that nothing can replace the view from above.

By clearing the human distractions, we reach a place deep inside our passengers that gives them undeniable proof of their responsibility to these landscapes and the issues surrounding them.

LightHawk flew for more than a decade with local partners to protect this critical area. And despite a hostile political climate, this area, more than 275,000 acres of stunning wilderness, is now protected forever.

This was a huge win, thanks to you! Your generous donation to LightHawk created the Boulder-White Clouds wilderness, leaving a legacy for untold generations of Americans to enjoy. And your continued support will allow us to protect the next imperiled area.

When you give to LightHawk, you unleash a flurry of activity and create meaningful change, making the very best use of every dollar you contribute. You allow our Program Managers to seek the most important conservation projects and partners, and to develop flight campaigns that have real impact on our most pressing problems. You activate our network of skilled pilots who, like you, help us save the planet, one flight at a time.

We urgently need your continuing support to ensure drinking water in Colorado, advance one of the largest conservation projects in history in the Florida Everglades, and to save the critically endangered California condor.

Will you help LightHawk protect majestic landscapes, save threatened wildlife and leave a conservation legacy?