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Over Cockscomb Basin, Belize

Victoria Peak National Monument. BAS/LightHawk

LightHawk returned to Belize this February to work with longtime partner Belize Audubon Society (BAS) in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (CBWS) and Victoria Peak Natural Monument.

Full flight for LightHawk's Cessna 206 pilot by Chuck Schroll (2nd from right). image: Arvin Coc/BAS/LightHawk

Flights provide efficient access to rugged tracts of land inaccessible by land and allow management to make general observations and document changes occurring within and around the protected areas.

Victoria Peak Natural Monument, in the shape of a cock's comb, gave the protected area its name. image: Charles Britt/BAS/LightHawk

LightHawk helps BAS to identify areas within the protected zones needing special attention, and empowers them to focus their ground efforts in those areas.

The ranger base in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary almost engulfed by jungle. image: Kevin Wells/BAS/LightHawk
Surveying the cliffs and surrounding forests by plane indicates if the area is attractive to and may host endangered birds such as the orange-breasted falcon and scarlet macaw.

Orange-breasted falcon. image: The Peregrine Fund

By providing Belize Audubon Society with a bird's-eye view, LightHawk helps spotlight areas that need follow-up on the ground, and helps focus fieldwork on endangered species.

LightHawk has brought aircraft and pilots to Belize since 1985 promoting efficient and effective conservation.