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Nothing like seeing it from the air!

image: David Owen/LightHawk

"I've been a student of water use, storage, and transportation for decades, but have never before seen the collection and diversion systems from the air (other than a glimpse of a big reservoir from a commercial jet)," remarked Jennifer Pitt of the Environmental Defense Fund. Pitt and David Owen, a reporter from The New Yorker recently flew with LightHawk over the Colorado Rockies.

Jennifer Pitt of EDF prepares for the flight with LightHawk over the Rockies. image David Owen

LightHawk partnered with EDF and The New Yorker to increase understanding of the impacts of water imports to population centers in Colorado's front range. The flight also helped illuminate the risks to agriculture and watersheds from increasing urban water demand.

image David Owen 
"The scale of the water projects is impressive from the air," continued Pitt. "Moreover, while we frequently say '80% of Colorado's water is on the west side and 80% of its people are on the east side,' and while I have tons of experience driving through these landscapes, there's NOTHING like seeing it from the air!"
image David Owen
"Great pilot. Terrific flight. Extremely informative. You can see things from the air that you can't picture on the ground, and in both cases the pilots added a great deal: they were guides and teachers and not just transportation providers. Both flights will play a big part in what I write." David Owen, The New Yorker magazine.