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Join Us In Sedona

Hal Hayden

Join us in Sedona

I can still vividly remember my first flight for LightHawk and the change it affected.

I flew photographers at rim level through the Grand Canyon to document the uranium mines perched on the edge of the North Rim where they leached into the Colorado River below. The images we captured that day helped convince the Secretary of the Interior to impose a moratorium on any new mines at the canyon within three weeks of our flight.

The experience cemented in my mind the power aerial perspectives can have in conservation. Each time I attend the annual LightHawk Fly-In I’m reminded of that pivotal moment and the influence myself and other LightHawk pilots like you continue to have on critical environmental issues.

I’d like to personally invite you to our 2016 Fly-In, which will be hosted in Sedona, Ariz. from Oct. 14-16. I consider it one of the best annual events on my calendar. Talking with fellow LightHawk pilots and supporters reminds me of the power of our work and always renews my optimism for our ability to save the environment.

Other reasons to attend the Fly-In include:

  • An incredible experience set against a beautiful location where the LightHawk staff has coordinated everything for a great weekend filled with aviation, conservation, camaraderie and inspiration.

  • Talking shop with LightHawk’s incredibly talented and like-minded aviators from across the nation.

  • Sharing great stories between pilots, donors and supporters about our flights and conservation achievements.

  • Hearing from speakers, celebrating how our work is protecting endangered natural resources and discovering how we can continue to advance this critical work.

Join me in Sedona!


Hal Hayden
LightHawk Board Member