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Ancient Mayan temples rise above the dense jungles in Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reserve. credit:  George Simchuk/LightHawk

Walking through the dense jungle forests of northern Guatemala, LightHawk Mesoamerica Program Manager Armando Ubeda could easily walk right by a huge Mayan temple just ten feet away without ever having a clue it was there... »

Videographers called on LightHawk to bring images of the Nisqually River Delta to their production documenting the "before", shown here, and the after-the-dikes-are-breeched states of the estuary. Many of the delta's sloughs are dry and muddy as tidal flows do not reach them. credit: Ben Nieves/NarrativeLab Communications/LightHawk

More than 100 years ago, the tides were held back in the southern end of Puget Sound and wetlands became farmland. Five miles of man-made dikes stopped saltwater from mingling with fresh in the Nisqually Delta so that the... »

A boat attempts to collect oil from the spill by skimming it with booms near Breton Island, which has a nesting colony of Brown Pelicans. Photo: Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace/LightHawk

At LightHawk, we always carefully weigh the conservation value of posting a mission against the resources used. In light of the recent horrendous events in the Gulf of Mexico, we have become even more conscious about our use... »