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Bristol Bay Protected

Bristol Bay, Alaska. image: Carl Johnson/LightHawk

The largest wild sockeye salmon run in the world was recently protected by the federal government. LightHawk enabled photographer Carl Johnson to make aerial images showing the value of waters, home to a $2 billion fishery.

image: Carl Johnson/LightHawk

The partnership between Johnson and LightHawk empowered conservation groups with stunning images of waterways and wetlands to help protect this incredible natural resource.

Photographer Carl Johnson.

After flying over the region with volunteer pilot Tim Hendricks, Johnson remarked, "I would not have been able to capture these images without the support of Lighthawk." He continued, "there are simply aspects about this region that you can only appreciate from the air; most of it is rolling hills with few high vantage points."

image: Carl Johnson/LightHawk

"I learned quite a bit more about how these waterways connect near the Pebble Mine site specifically from the aerial reconnaissance, in a way I could not understand merely by looking at maps," Johnson said. "These images will be used by conservation partners in future messaging as well as in my forthcoming book about the Bristol Bay region and the potential impacts of the Pebble Mine."

Federal officials are expected to release a ruling on the Pebble Mine project soon.