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10 Ways Flight Can Transform Your Campaign

Giles Ashford/Riverkeeper

LightHawk can help conservation groups accelerate work towards their strategic goals in many ways. Here are ten top ways flight helps conservation soar.

1.Aerial Photography
Tell a visual story about your project. Check out how Santa Barbara Channelkeepers used video to make a difference.

2. Inspire and Educate
Provide an instant understanding of our impact on the environment by contrasting developed landscapes with intact ecosystems.

3. Staff and Board Training 
Strengthen the effectiveness of your team with a fun and informative flight that brings your work into focus.

4. Wildlife Monitoring
From flamingos to wolverine, jaguars to manatees, you can quickly assess habitat suitability and species concentrations from the air.

5. Conserving Landscapes
Provide conservation planners with the big picture view. Flight reveals interconnections of the landscape not seen from the ground.

6. Impacts of Extraction
Witness, document and share the real-life impacts of energy development, mining and industrial agriculture upon our land and watersheds.

7. Influencing the Influencers
Educate policy makers with an aerial tour so they can make informed decisions that protect natural resources.

8. Wildlife Transport
Remove the stress of ground or commercial transportation with a LightHawk donated flight for animals within recovery programs. Pilots have transported imperiled animals like sea turtles, Mexican wolves, river otters, black-footed ferrets, and falcons among others.

9. Donor Flights
A flight is a valuable opportunity to show your most significant supporters how their contribution counts.

10. The Power of Partnership
Invite other organizations and agencies to participate in a mission. Shared flights create strong collaborations.

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