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We fly to save the Earth.

We accelerate conservation success through the powerful perspective of flight. We mobilize volunteer pilots, photographers, environmental experts, and storytellers to make images, collect data, inform the public and share their experiences about some of our environment's most critical issues, landscapes and wildlife. Our flight campaigns foster dialogue and build consensus, promote informed decision-making, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our conservation partners' work.

What began in 1979 with one man and a borrowed plane has expanded to include more than 200 volunteer pilots who fly to protect land, water and wildlife across America. Though LightHawk’s scope and scale has grown, our vision remains the same. In sharing the aerial perspective with carefully selected passengers, LightHawk flights clearly illustrate conservation opportunities and provide our partners with invaluable information. We believe seeing our world from above causes people to care about what they witness from the air and stirs them into action when they return to the ground.