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An orchard under an agricultural conservation easement hugged by Colorado's Gunnison River. Credit: Colorado West Land Trust
LightHawk flew for conservation in so many ways this summer! An orchard under an agricultural conservation easement is hugged by Colorado’s Gunnison...Read more »
Denise Dethlefsen with aerial support provided by LightHawk.
Palmer Land Trust
Monday, November 25, 2013
LightHawk and Palmer Land Trust explored aerial monitoring as a more efficient way to reach out-of-...Read more »
The juvenile harpy eagle spotted deep in the Patuca National Park. Credit: Herbert Dohlen
Although much of LightHawk's conservation flying in Central America is scheduled well in advance, unexpected opportunities sometimes arise that...Read more »
Passengers with volunteer pilot Carl Mattson (right) after a flight for Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory. Photograph by Julie Boyd
Provide your passengers with a flight map and reference information for your flight. Book a conference room at the airport for organizing and post-...Read more »
Giles Ashford/Riverkeeper
LightHawk can help conservation groups accelerate work towards their strategic goals in many ways. Here are ten top ways flight helps conservation...Read more »