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How LightHawk's Supporters are Saving the Earth From Slime to Saved When LightHawk flights lead to presidential actions When you think of Florida’s...Read more »
Colorado Delta dry channels. Josh Peckler/Yuma Sun/LightHawk
Monday, March 24, 2014
After almost 100 flights donated to restore the Colorado River Delta, a pulse of life is coming...Read more »
Carol Walker
Ever wonder where the wild horses and burros live? Pilot and GoPro hero Ney Grant show you in this gorgeous, sweeping aerial video. You may want to...Read more »
Pilot Bob Keller. J Henry Fair
Open Space Institute
Sunday, February 10, 2013
It’s amazing what you can see with a little perspective, like from 4,500 feet in the air. That’s...Read more »
John-Michael Lee caught thresher sharks off Redondo Beach in California when he was a boy. “We’d float on a mat in the water, reach down with our...Read more »