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Colorado Delta dry channels. Josh Peckler/Yuma Sun/LightHawk
Monday, March 24, 2014
After almost 100 flights donated to restore the Colorado River Delta, a pulse of life is coming...Read more »
LightHawk volunteer pilot Stephanie Wells (center) and Mesoamerican Program Manager Armando Ubeda (right) took Dr. Sylvia Earle (left) to survey turtle tracks along Costa Rica’s beaches.
This week, Armando Ubeda, Mesoamerican Program Manager for LightHawk traveled to Costa Rica as part of an expedition to promote the conservation and...Read more »
Laughing Bird Caye National Park, Belize with shadow of aircraft. Tony Rath/
Tony Rath’s day begins with a motion sickness pill and a good breakfast because even the hardiest stomach can churn when banked 45 degrees while...Read more »
Carol Walker
Ever wonder where the wild horses and burros live? Pilot and GoPro hero Ney Grant show you in this gorgeous, sweeping aerial video. You may want to...Read more »
Pilot Bob Keller. J Henry Fair
Open Space Institute
Sunday, February 10, 2013
It’s amazing what you can see with a little perspective, like from 4,500 feet in the air. That’s...Read more »
Denise Dethlefsen with aerial support provided by LightHawk.
Palmer Land Trust
Monday, November 25, 2013
LightHawk and Palmer Land Trust explored aerial monitoring as a more efficient way to reach out-of-...Read more »
John-Michael Lee caught thresher sharks off Redondo Beach in California when he was a boy. “We’d float on a mat in the water, reach down with our...Read more »
Sunrise and LightHawk’s Cessna 206, Baja Aerial Archive Project, Baja California, Mexico. image: (c) Ralph Lee Hopkins with aerial support by LightHawk.
Guest post by volunteer pilot Will Worthington. I’m joined by photojournalist Ralph Lee Hopkins as well as Fay Crevoshay and Sofia Gomez of Wildcoast...Read more »
 LightHawk volunteer pilot Will Worthington kayaks in the Sea of Cortez with family dog Sofia.
In 1980, pilot Will Worthington fell in love with the wild side of Baja California. On a recent a 10-day aerial expedition, he found change on the...Read more »
The story of how GPS units, cameras and chance encounters on the streets of Bozeman Montana helped indigenous people trying to protect their land in...Read more »