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How LightHawk's Supporters are Saving the Earth From Slime to Saved When LightHawk flights lead to presidential actions When you think of Florida’s...Read more »
Laughing Bird Caye National Park, Belize with shadow of aircraft. Tony Rath/
Tony Rath’s day begins with a motion sickness pill and a good breakfast because even the hardiest stomach can churn when banked 45 degrees while...Read more »
Carol Walker
Ever wonder where the wild horses and burros live? Pilot and GoPro hero Ney Grant show you in this gorgeous, sweeping aerial video. You may want to...Read more »
The juvenile harpy eagle spotted deep in the Patuca National Park. Credit: Herbert Dohlen
Although much of LightHawk's conservation flying in Central America is scheduled well in advance, unexpected opportunities sometimes arise that...Read more »
The Colorado River once flowed from its headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park all the way to Mexico. Call it death by a thousand cuts, but the...Read more »
Monkey River, Belize. Ilka Feller/Smithsonian
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Guardian of the Mangroves As we ready for wheels up on our 25th year flying donated missions over Mesoamerica, LightHawk takes a look at how...Read more »