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How LightHawk's Supporters are Saving the Earth From Slime to Saved When LightHawk flights lead to presidential actions When you think of Florida’s...Read more »
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LightHawk flew three endangered Mexican Wolves between the Midwest and New Mexico to help enrich the species' gene pool and reintroduction efforts.Read more »
An orchard under an agricultural conservation easement hugged by Colorado's Gunnison River. Credit: Colorado West Land Trust
LightHawk flew for conservation in so many ways this summer! An orchard under an agricultural conservation easement is hugged by Colorado’s Gunnison...Read more »
Battered by storms and stunned by cold water, this Kemp's ridley sea turtle had just been cleared for takeoff. Credit: Jonathan Milne/LightHawk
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Only five weeks into his new job as LightHawk's Atlantic Region program manager, Jonathan Milne experienced something incredible. Record numbers of...Read more »