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Make the Most of Your Appreciated Stock with a Donation to LightHawk in 3 easy steps.

1. Send the following language to your stockbroker :

I would like to transfer

# of shares: ___________

Name of stock: ______________________________________

to LightHawk, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with which I am associated. (Federal ID #84-0852104)

The transfer should be from

Account number: _________________________

Account name: ________________________________

To the following: Vanguard

For Benefit Of: LightHawk

DTC number: 0062

Account Number: 85654498


2. Notify Emilie Ryan , CFO at or 970-744-1208. LightHawk’s policy is to sell stock donations upon receipt; your notification will allow us to do this promptly.


3. Receive your acknowledgment letter and enjoy the tax deduction, knowing LightHawk will put your investment to work to make a difference for conservation.