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Legacy Giving

“You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.”  Amelia Earhart

File your flight plan for the future with a planned gift to LightHawk. Over the course of our 35 years, we have brought conservation issues into the public eye through over 30,000 donated flights. By making a planned gift through your estate to LightHawk today, you are directly supporting efforts to protect and restore land, waterways and wildlife species in the Western Hemisphere for future generations.

There are two main types of planned gifts: bequests and life income gifts.

  1. Bequests are gifts left in your will.
  2. Life income gifts allow you to donate to LightHawk now, but keep or increase the income from your assets.

 If you have already made a gift, or want more information about becoming a Legacy Giver to LightHawk, please contact Bob Francella at or call 970-797-9355.