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LightHawk volunteer pilots and world-class photographers work together to move conservation forward by tripping the shutter from above. Aerial photography brings clarity, scope and scale to often complex or hard to understand environmental issues. LightHawk volunteer pilots know what photographers need to make stirring aerial images. They are also highly skilled at maneuvering their aircraft to line up the perfect shot.

For several years, LightHawk has collaborated with the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), a consortium of the world’s top nature photographers. Through this partnership, LightHawk and iLCP share the aerial view with a wide audience to illuminate conservation work ranging from preserving the Great Bear Rainforest and monitoring a British Columbia river as part of a climate change study, to highlighting the current state of Florida manatees, Yucatan flamingos and Wyoming western sage grouse.

See how iLCP turned stunning aerial images into a persuasive video about the Great Bear Rainforest. Check out Michael Melford’s incredible aerials from over Oregon’s Owyhee River Wilderness in National Geographic.