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Land Trusts

LightHawk flights help ease the burden on land trusts by accomplishing monitoring many times faster than on-the-ground efforts. Conservation planning and land protection efforts come to life on a LightHawk flight. Maps and online images may show the landscape captured at a certain point of time, but land use changes happen quickly and often go undetected in remote areas. Also, the true progress of restoration efforts can be difficult to assess from the ground.

With thousands of hours of monitoring flights under our belt, we relish our collaboration with groups to implement flights for monitoring, conservation planning, educating staff and donors, and encouraging landowners to protect their land. 

Every year, Dan Grenier of The Nature Conservancy makes three or four flights with LightHawk to monitor hundreds of thousands of acres in Maine. Back on the ground after one flight he remarked, “LightHawk enables us to quickly cover a very large swath of territory. We accomplish in a two-hour flight what would take two weeks on the ground. We couldn’t achieve our mission without LightHawk.”