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Our Values

Our Mission

To accelerate conservation success through the powerful perspective of flight.

Our Core Values

Integrity and honesty  -  We maintain integrity and honesty in our partnerships and our work.

A healthy planet  -  We value the earth and the life that depends upon it. 

Solution-­oriented action  - We value action leading to conservation outcomes. We are compelled to protect the health of our water, air, and land, and to sustain the diverse ecosystems that comprise the earth.

The aerial perspective  -  We value the unique view of the earth and the transformative experiences provided by flight. The information and images gathered from above help inform, inspire and educate. 

Collaboration  -  We value the organizations and individuals that strive in responsible ways to protect the natural places, flora, and fauna of the earth. We value collaborative problem-solving approaches that engage partners in achieving individual and shared conservation goals.

Balanced approaches  -  We value problem-solving approaches that bring all  sides to the table to consider the needs of human society as well as the natural world. People must be part of the solution.

Working smartly and making a difference  -  We seek to build a strong, flexible, innovative and sustainable organization that benefits from the skills of our volunteers and staff, while remaining focused on our mission, goals and conservation outcomes.  

Safety  -   Above all, we are committed to safety in the air, on the ground and in all aspects of our work.