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With Every Gift, A Story

A Note from LightHawk CEO Terri Watson: 

We’re wrapping up the end of year “giving season” that is the lifeblood of every non-profit, especially smaller ones that depend on the fervent support of dyed-in-the-wool loyal supporters to keep doing the good works that we all love.

It’s a fantastic time of year. Each gift, each contact, reaffirms your belief that our work matters, that we make a difference. And that — your trust, your faith — is why I come to work each day and strive to make a difference for our planet.

But far above any monetary contribution is the feeling of simply believed in. Each day, as the CEO, I do a review of the gifts received. What I love about this most is looking at the names. Each day, I see people that I’ve either known – or known of – for years. It’s like seeing everyone in your high school class sending you notes saying “You rock!” It is like tallying up the vote and knowing that we all believe in the magic of this work, and we are all in it together.

I find, in these short daylight times of the year, that my favorite part of the day is spending an interval in the waning light, looking out the window at the beauty of this planet. I picture and remember the stories and mental images of each one of you that support our work.

Most of our gifts come from long-time supporters and old friends. Once in a while there is a new name. And I wonder, ‘Who are they? How did our work touch them? What’s their story? How did we touch them?’ And I look forward to the day that we meet, share the intersections of our worldviews, values and dreams.  At moments like this, I truly believe the saying that there aren’t any strangers —just friends we haven’t met yet.

Thank you, each and every one of you who support LightHawk’s work.  At a deeply personal level, you are incredibly appreciated. You allow us to do this work that I so dearly love, that I so passionately believe in.

A LightHawk flight is transformative. You make them happen.

You are, simply put, my heroes. 

Thank you for being on our team.