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Watson: What Does Aviation Have To Do With Conservation?

Just what is it that conservation professionals "get" when they finally "get it" aboard their first LightHawk flight?

And just what does aviation really have to do with conservation anyhow?

LightHawk CEO Terri Watson authored a piece for the National Association of Flight Instructors in its July/August 2016 edition. Here's an exerpt:

"A nonprofit organization is given that tax-saving status because it serves a public good rather than a profit motive, and usually their mission is aimed at solving a problem. LightHawk actually saves two of them.

The first is that important conservation work can often be really helped by the smart use of aviation. The challenge is that the nation's leading conservation groups often don't know this, nor do they have any expertise in using aviation.  We do, and we bring that to them in the form of conservation professionals who can help them see possibilities and plan projects where the use of aircraft can really make their work much stronger.

The second is that, once they "get it" and see the amazing results they can achieve in partnership with us, hiring planes and pilots is unaffordable. We leverage our nationwide network of over 250  volunteer pilots to donate their time, aircraft and fuel costs to them. Our VP's have the highest flight time requirement for public benefit flying in the nation (1000 PIC hours), and are screened for their ability to work well with the public and newcomers to flying."

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